* Jawbone won the 2010 Virginia Screenplay Competition.​

* The Woman in the Frame is a drama/mystery.


" . . . exquisite and haunting . . . resonant and oracular . . ."  

                                                                                        --David St. John 

​​* Prismatics: Larry Levis & Contemporary American Poetry forthcoming from Diode Editions, March 2020

* Black Laurel was published by Iris Press on March 1, 2016

* A Disturbance in the Air won the 2012 Slapering Hol Press Chapbook Contest. 


"The poems in Black Laurel are superbly crafted, full of surprising turns and imagery that deliver what Emerson called 'shock-pleasure.'"

                                                                                        --Beckian Fritz Goldberg 


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" Michele Poulos’s new volume of poems, Black Laurel, moves across highly original and arcing images that are brilliantly edged . . . A fabulous book!"

                                                                                        --Norman Dubie

Michele Poulos

A Late Style of Fire is a feature-length documentary film about the late poet Larry Levis. Watch on kanopy.

​* A new documentary set in New Orleans is in post-production.